Modern Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands

ColleenApril 21, 2015
tungsten wedding bands for men
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Men tungsten wedding bands, is an alternative word saying for man’s wedding ring. Mostly, men feel it is not masculine enough for them to wear a ring, whatever ring it is. However, it is still important for them and for their couple, to see the ring stays in their finger. It symbolizes a commitment of […]

A Stunning Vintage Beauty of Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress

ColleenApril 20, 2015
wedding dresses mermaid lace
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Lace mermaid wedding dress is a super beautiful wedding dress which can bring complete beauty for the bride which figure is curved. The typical wedding dress which hugged the bodice all the way to the knee right before the skirt flares out. Lace is kind of ornamental fabric which brings classic and romantic accents to […]

Masculine Touch of Men’s Wedding Bands White Gold

ColleenApril 20, 2015
white gold wedding bands for men
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Men’s wedding bands white gold is perfect for men whose character is modernist. It is simple and handsome. Wedding bands become something crucial on wedding ceremony since it becomes a symbol of unity of two people as one. Similar with wedding bands for women, men also have his own unique design for his wedding bands. […]

Elegant with Cocktail Dresses with Sleeves

ColleenApril 19, 2015
white cocktail dress with sleeves
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Cocktail dresses with sleeves are the dresses that commonly wear in a party which has a luxury looks and elegant too. This dress design includes in glamour dress design because of the appearance of the dress that is very high class looks. This dress is very suitable to be wear by the woman who has […]

Blue Aqua Bridesmaid Dresses

ColleenApril 19, 2015
light aqua bridesmaid dresses
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Aqua bridesmaid dresses are kinds of dresses that are created in purpose to be wear by bridesmaid in the wedding ceremony or reception. This bridesmaid dress is fully colored by blue color which in specific light like ocean water color. As the bridesmaid dress, this dress is very beautiful to be wear in the wedding […]

The Best of Oleg Cassini Wedding Dress

ColleenApril 18, 2015
wedding dresses oleg cassini
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Oleg Cassini wedding dress is one brand of wedding dress specialist that has been known well around the world. This is a brand that has the best quality wedding dress. The designs of the wedding dresses are also available in many options. This brand also offers the best quality and design of the dress that […]